New for Winter 2018! Come see our new stable table layout and also the ‘dog house’.

Cafe ODE has been selected to feature in Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery, a new guide to the world’s truly exemplary, ethical, organic and sustainable restaurants and food experiences, created by 57 leading food writers from 45 countries”

Ness Dr, Shaldon
Devon, TQ14 0HP, UK.

Telephone: 01626 873427  | Email Us

We’re open 7 days a week

Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm (Last orders for food 4:30pm)

9am – 12pm daily

12pm to last orders (see above)

Please call us on

01626 873427

or email

Please note, we only take bookings for the inside seating only.
During busy periods, if have a reservation of any size we allocate 1.5 to 2 hours max.
If you’re running late, please call to let us know otherwise you might find others sitting at your table when you eventually arrive (we only hold 15 minutes).

Passionate about great food and service? Interested in joining our award winning team ODE? We are always on the lookout for new both at the Cafe and our other outlets…

Our menu is constantly changing and some items only appear once. However, you can check out our sample menu for 2018, which contains some items that can appear along with some of our regular items. But as said, once its gone; it’s gone!

2018 has been our year to focus on promoting plant based packaging…. the aim was to reduce and remove plastics and polystyrene takeaway packaging from our village…

We called a meeting with all the businesses and set about explaining the benefits of plant based packaging versus conventional. The idea was to set up a co operative with our suppliers London Bio so that it would make the process of ordering simple and also cost effective.

With all the businesses purchasing it meant the supplier could offer preferred rate due to quantity. Prices are very competitive compared to conventional packaging used in the past by many of the village cafes and take ways. It also meant that items potentially could be delivered to one location on a weekly basis, reducing miles and the village carbon foot print…

This is something we have been exploring with London Bio in recent months.

Many of the village businesses have followed our lead and are now purchasing compostable plant based packaging.

At cafe-ODE we also offer complimentary tea or coffee for every plastic bin re filled with beach rubbish….this is very popular with families at the weekends..

We linked this waste initiative with the children of year 4 at Shaldon Primary School who created a sculpture called Our Delicate Earth (ODE) made with re cycled milk cartoons, lids and waste found on Ness Cove beach.. within the structure it included a bug hotel, the children also made fishes from recycled milk cartoons and old material which were swaying around on bamboo sticks, pebbles were painted with message and information about plastic pollution for our customers to read. These pebbles have been displayed in our Living boundary wall.

cafe ODE is a very casual relaxed family friendly cafe and take away.  We try to do things a little different here. From arriving to leaving, it’s a unique experience with a few quirks here and there, so check out the video and click on the button below to learn more.

Did you know? Most of the food containers that your food is delivered in are compostable, same as the cutlery and some of the drink ware. You may think at first the cutlery and drinking cups are plastic, however they’re made from bio-plastic, which is made from plants such as corn making them compostable. Plants that are easy to re-grow offer a great renewable resource. Normal plastics in contrast are made from oil, which is finite. By serving all our food/beverages in these sorts of packaging rather than standard chinaware and providing the Vegware utensils instead of metal cutlery make it great for takeaway, so if you fancy taking it away to the beach for example, you can rest assured you wont be affecting the environment when you come to dispose of the packaging.

We’re located in the quaint village of Shaldon on top of the Ness Cliff opposite the carpark with views over Teignmouth.

cafe ODE welcomes and enjoys the company of well behaved dogs on leads.

But we do have some areas that they are not allowed to visit – the lawn and the main stable. 

New for winter 2018, The Dog House. We have a new area inside where dogs are welcome. Just follow the paws on entering the front door. If they’re really muddy paws, please use the back door.