Where it all began –

ODE dining will not reopen at its original location in Fore Street.

ODE dining first opened in 2006 & grew from strength to strength, this led the way for our small family run company to grow. 
A couple of years ago we decided to turn the original ODE dining into our offices & test kitchen & now our family home.

We’ve been busy for the last years concentrating on cafe ODE creating menus, developing the concept and keeping it real! Fast forward to February 2022. We have all been through and are still trying to adapt & cope with these unprecedented times. Now we are in Spring 2024 and last year we introduced some Friday & Saturday night suppers which were a great success so we are looking forward to offering more in 2024. We are still concentrating on getting our business back to where it was pre covid & if we can even better but added to this the cost of living in UK it is a very hard journey for us and will be for awhile yet.