Our dough is freshly made using a unique blend of whole wheat and white organic and unbleached flour sourced from mills in the South West.

It is rested for 48 hours to sour, hand stretched and opened to order….

Our base is made from organic tinned tomatoes which are first crushed, passed and then blended.

We season with a drizzle of olive oil, crushed black pepper, Cornish Sea salt and dried oregano…

Our toppings are created from our team of chefs and guided by the seasons.. we use the finest English charcuterie , local cheeses such as Devon Blue and 100% organic buffalo mozzarella from Laverstock farm. Meats come from a selection of farms such as Higher Hacknell organic near Oakhampton and Pipers farm just outside of Exeter, both of which grass feed cattle and have the highest animal welfare standards in our industry. Vegetables, herbs and salads are organic wherever possible and purchased from Riverford farm in Staverton and various other small producers in our region.

We cook the pizza in a French wood fired custom built “Four Grande Mere” oven. It has centre stage in our open kitchen and cooks the pizza between 390 – 450 degrees..using kiln dried oak from mid Devon.  Pizzas take around 2 minutes to cook….