We aim to create a “true pizza”… now on the top terrace at cafe ODE
Watch this space for updates in the coming weeks

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Every aspect of our pizza is about care and quality, from the wood used for fuel for cooking to the ingredients used, artisan sough dough and with the finest ingredients to the recycled box the pizza is served in!

We serve our pizzas from a vintage “Rice” horsebox trailer which has been lovingly restored and converted. We can now bring ODE to you…

ODE on the Road has now been moved to the top terrace at cafe ODE, so unfortunately is not available to hire at the moment… watch this space for upcoming updates!

The trailer is available for private hire, weddings, events… Get in touch to discus your event requirements by calling

01626 873977

and one of our team will assist you.

Passionate about great food and service? Interested in joining our award winning team ODE? We are always on the lookout for new team members both for ODE on the Road and at our other outlets…

We serve our pizzas from a vintage “Rice” horsebox trailer which has been lovingly restored and converted. We store all our kitchen tables and equipment inside and arrive at the venue 2 hours before allowing us to set up and for the oven to reach the correct cooking temperature before we can serve.

We have cooked on the beach and in a field!  We have our team of chefs that will create your very own topping of choice on the day.

The pizzas are cooked to order and take about 90 seconds to be crisp and golden brown, bubbling cheese and the smell of warm bread will draw you back for more! We can fit up to 4 pizzas in the oven at any one time

Once removed from the oven the pizzas are cut into 4 and served in a recycled 10 inch branded box……ready to enjoy


Simply made from organic unbleached bread flour from the South West and sough dough leven from our kitchen at ODE-dining, kneaded and proved creating the perfect dough


Made by our chefs, we use organic vine ripened tomatoes, add onions, peppers and blend.  Sieve a quarter of the mix to remove some of the seeds and then simmer the tomato goodness on our induction stove.  We add organic tinned tomatoes, season to taste, cook and blend some more then cool and the pizza base sauce is thick and ready! We are known to add other interesting ingredients to this base to create a curry or even North African flavoured base


Our meat is butchered to order at Higher Hacknell Farm – organic, grass fed cattle from the family farm in North Devon.

Our butter comes from Riverford Farm dairy, a salted slab, melted and added to heaps of chopped parsley and crushed garlic for your garlic bread

Cheese comes from Country cheeses in Totnes, Gary and Elise work with us to showcase the finest of our local artisan cheese makers.. Parkham Cheddar, Harbourne Blue are examples of cheese we use.. We are proud to use 100% buffalo mozzarella from Laverstock farm in Hampshire which creates our signature ODE on the ROAD ”F1” pizza… truly magical, not just a margherita its in pole position!

We use heaps of fresh herbs, torn basil, rosemary, thyme and parsley are a few!

We also have a range of house made oils and powders which have been developed from our restaurant business over the past 10 years. Why not let us create your very own pizzas for your event….

We use only kiln dried wood to fire up our oven to ensure we get maximum temperature and because it also adds and amazing aroma and flavour when cooking the pizza. The wood has been sourced very carefully and we are happy to say we are using carbon neutral wood fuel from well managed, certified, UK woodlands and forests from mid Devon. It is kiln dried here in the UK to below average 20% MC (moisture content). Guaranteeing a consistent and superior product and making sure there is no imported wood from the continent being used.