Did you know? Most of the food containers that your food is delivered in are compostable, same as the cutlery and some of the drink ware. During the day we can serve up to 400 customers at peak times which would create far too much water/chemical using traditional cutlery/crockery that is why we use this concept. You may think at first the cutlery and drinking cups are plastic, however they are made from bio-plastic, which is made from plants such as corn making them compostable. Plants that are easy to re-grow offer a great renewable resource. Normal plastics in contrast are made from oil, which is finite. By serving all our food/beverages in these sorts of packaging rather than standard chinaware and providing the Vegware utensils instead of metal cutlery make it great for takeaway, so if you fancy taking it away to the beach for example, you can rest assured you wont be affecting the environment when you come to dispose of the packaging.

Here are some little pointers to help you enjoy our cafe as much as we do:

cafe ODE during the day is a very casual relaxed family friendly cafe and take away.  We try to do things a little different here.

On arriving at the cafe the breakfast (served from 9am till 11:45am) and all day menu (served from 12pm till mon-fri 3pm ish, sat-sun 4pm ish) menus are in front of you written on tiles in a display window. There is also an identical menu on the large blackboard inside. It is also a good idea to have a look around because we have various seating options, inside – the stable with a variety of table options, the dog house – our dedicated space for dogs inside with bar style tables, kitchen area, outside – top terrace, lower terrace (all communal) and lawn area. Come inside to see our coffee/drink menus as well as browse our delicious cakes and treats all house-made on the premises. We also have a small retail area stocking various products used in the cafe.

The entrance door to the cafe is by the large glass frontage hallway to your left, this takes you into the open kitchen – a working area where you will see all the chefs busy preparing the food and the coffee machine on the go.  When you are ready to order if the hatch window outside is open, depending on whether we ask you to order here and pay, if closed or if you’re sitting inside you can order inside at the counter.  A receipt with your order number is given to you which you will need to keep in order for us to identify the order belongs to you.  We suggest you find somewhere you would like to sit, our cafe assistants or chefs will bring the food, drinks once prepared and call out an order number to correspond with your ticket.  If you choose to sit inside we have baskets that have our  cutlery and napkins (all compostable – not plastic as you might presume at first) in with some condiments on a shelf in the dog house, if you are sitting outside you will notice at on the left hand side window ledge is the cutlery, napkin, condiment station where you help yourself to everything you should need for your drink or meal.  All the food is cooked fresh to order so at busy times we appreciate your patience and some items that are popular sell out very quickly.

We buy our fish according to the local market, you might even see local fisherman coming in with their freshly line caught fish or shell fish,  when the weather is not so good at sea we do not have as much selection and fish market prices can vary daily.  Some of our meat is personally collected straight from the hunter or local farm, the chefs then prepare in various ways and these might only be available for short periods of time.  Our menus are always changing daily, new items appearing frequently, we try to feature popular items on the menus but this depends on availability of produce and of course seasons.

Most of the food containers that your food is delivered  in are compostable, same as the cutlery and some of the drinkware, at the end of your meal if you are seated outside we ask if you would follow our recycling and composting procedures by using the bins provided on the lower terrace, thank you.

We try to communicate what we can to our customers about what we do and what we have to offer by writing information around the property so please take your time and read this info.